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We realize that the purchase of a SRM is a great expense and we want to ensure that you get the maximum use and life out of yours. In order to maintain your SRM, certain tasks must be done regularly to keep it running at its optimum level.

Here is a general list of repairs that should be performed on a regular basis. Along with these services, we recommend that you take weekly measurements of the helium levels and report to us if there are any significant changes or losses. Most of these tasks can be performed with the guidance of one of our skilled engineers and your manual has detailed instructions for you to refer to. However, if you feel that the personal assistance of one of our engineers is required, we can arrange for that. Please contact us regardless of what you decide before performing any of these procedures so that we are aware of the status of your SRM.

CTI recommends that you exchange the adsorber on your CTI compressor every year.

Prices on adsorbers are as follows: There are maintenance instructions listed in the manual which can be viewed on the CRYOCOOLER page:


° New Adsorber $525.00 US + Shipping, Handling & Tax

We recommend that you replace the cold head only when it wears out. This can be determined by high noise levels, "sticking" noises/problems or high helium loss rates. This generally happens after about five to seven years. The cold head can be changed when the magnetometer is at helium temperature using a special 2G heater assembly. This usually requires the assistance of a 2G engineer. The change is easier if the magnetometer is at room temperature and can usually be accomplished by the customer.

The prices on cold heads are as follows:

Please go to COLD-HEAD page to see exchange procedure.


° Rebuilt Drive Displacer with new motor, Exchange $2,800.00 US + Shipping, Handling, Tax & Engineers Time
° New Drive Displacer $6,695.00 US + Shipping, Handling, Tax & Engineers Time

The Compressor should be replaced at the same time as the Cold Head, or when it wears out. Signs to look for are high noise levels or an increase in the boil off rate. This generally happens between five to seven years, but the compressor should be changed if it is over three years old and the cold head is being changed. The prices on compressors can vary depending on the type you get. There are also rebuilt models available for exchange if your compressor is less than five years old.

Prices are as follows:

° New 8200 Compressor $5345.00 US + Shipping, Handling & Tax
  1 day exchange $3850 + Shipping, Handling & Tax
  3 day exchange $3575 + Shipping, Handling & Tax
  Repair $3245 + Shipping, Handling & Tax

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