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  • Provides user programmable sample translation and rotation
  • Greatly speeds up the measurement of rock remanence
  • Compatible with 2G and ScT rock magnetometers When coupled with a 2G degaussing system, provides automatic degaussing and measurements cycles without the removal of sample from the holder or from low field region.


The 2G Automated Sampler System was designed to automate the degaussing and measurement of the magnetic properties of rock samples in superconducting rock magnetometer systems. The unit can be mounted to all 2G rock magnetometers (e.g. models 2G755R and 2G760R). It can also be used as a direct replacement of the manual sample handler on SCT magnetometers.

The Automated Sample Handler System consists of a Sample Handler (2G802), a Sample Handler Controller (2G810) and a sample and a Sample Handler Drive (2G820). Several Sample Handlers are available; the selection of the appropriate system will depend upon whether an in-line degaussing system is to be used. The model 2G801 system is designed to be used without an in-line degaussing system. This system provides for rotation and approximately 1.5 meter of translation.

The model 2G802 sample handler is designed to be used with an in-line 2 or 3 axis 2G600 automatic Sample Degaussing Systems.

Movements of the automatic sample handlers are managed by the sample handler controller. This controller has a RS232 serial data link which enables communications with and control by an external computer. Sample movement parameters such as acceleration, velocity and linear or rotation movement intervals are all user programmable.

The output stepper motor signals from the Sample Handler Controller are fed to the 2G820 Sample Handler Drive. This unit contains two power drivers to provide pulses to the stepper motors. The power supplies contains constant current drivers with a compliance of about 30 volts which provides rapid and smooth acceleration of the Sample Handler. The stepper motors require 200 pulses per revolution. For translation, this produces a movement of 0.65 mm per pulse. For rotation, the angular displacement for one pulse is 3.6

Specifications: 2G810 Sample Handler Controller

Size (WxHxD): 19"X5"x17"
Weight: 5 pounds
Power Requirements: 115V @ 1 Amp.
Computer Interface: RS232
Programmable baud rate: 300, 1200, 9600
Maximum Acceleration: 10 cm/sec2 (programmable)
Maximum Velocity: 30 cm/sec (programmable
Front Panel
Controls Status Readouts
jog left home rotation
jog right home linear
jog fast linear limit left
power linear limit right
linear drive ready
rotation drive ready
linear selected
rotation selected
moving on-line

2G820 Sample Handler Drive

Size (WxHxD): 19"x5"x17"
Weight: pounds
Power Requirements: 115V @ 3 amps
Maximum step rate: 1000 pulses per second
Provides power supply to two step motors.
Input signals (from Controller): step and direction (TTL compatible).
Output signal: constant current compliance 30 volts.

Stepper Motors

Translation: 1.5 Amps @ 6 volts nominal, 200 pulses per revolution
Torque provided @ 500 pps, 60 N-cm
Resolution: 1 step = 0.65 mm linear sample translation
Rotation: 1.2 Amps @ 6 volts nominal, 200 pulses per revolution
Torque provided @ 500 pps, 40 N-cm
Resolution: one step = 3.6 rotation of sample

Sample Handlers 2G802

Maximum translation length: 2.8 meters
Maximum Handler overall length: 3 meters
Weight: 20 kg

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