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Model 755 Data Sheet (pdf)


High Sensitivity- Magnetic Moment Noise of less than10-9 EMU / cm3 RMS per root Hz for 4.2 cm access. Low Helium Consumption - Approximately 500 days operation with 50 liters of helium. No Helium Diffusion - All metal construction eliminates cycling system to room temperature to repump vacuum. Heat Switch on Superconducting Shield - Can change field with system filled with helium in less than 10 minutes. About 0.5 liters per

Sample Access -
Vertical or Horizontal Orientation.

Standard access diameter of 4.2 cm.

Straight Through Room Temperature Sample Access.

Performance is Independent of Liquid Helium Level.
Dynamic Range -
< 10-9 to >0.01 EMU analog in 3 ranges.

< 10-8 to > 0.1 EMU digital flux counting on a single range.

Compact - Minimum length, maximum shielding.

Outside diameter = 53 cm.

Overall Length = 155 cm including cryocooler.

Cryocooler mounting - On opposite end of dewar from sensors. Provides lowest field along sample path.

Field Attenuation - 106 for transverse fields.

1011 for axial fields.

Microprocessor Based Electronics-Digital and analog signal outputs, with all range and filter settings front panel and computer controlled.

Digital Flux Counting - Gives single range of greater than 150 db dynamic range.

Serial RS-232 Data and Command - Link between sensors electronics and external computer to control electronics functions.

* Available with one, two, or three measurement axes.

* Manual and Computer Controlled Sample Handling and AF Degaussing Systems Available.

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